Get the Best Eyebrow Shaping Treatment in Melbourne

The right eyebrow shape can significantly enhance your appearance. Relying on older techniques like plucking or tweezing to get the perfect arch can often result in uneven brows. Moreover, determining the ideal shape is not easy – not every style suits everyone. Hence, the importance of professional eyebrow shaping becomes evident. At La Brow Melbourne, we are experts at sculpting and staining your brows. With our skills and personalised approach, you can achieve the eyebrow shape of your dreams, making them look as luscious, subtle or as dramatic as you desire.

Eyebrow shaping is all about brow sculpting. The process involves defining your natural eyebrows with waxing and tweezing to achieve the desired contour for your face shape. The aesthetician will consider your face shape, natural brow growth pattern, and cosmetic preferences to create the most flattering effect. This draws all the attention to your best facial features. With symmetry, balance and clean lines that frame the eyes beautifully, eyebrow shaping can help you correct uneven or over-plucked brows.

When combined with eyebrow staining, this procedure can be a game changer for your arches. Staining is an excellent way to enhance colour and definition. Here, a semi-permanent dye is applied to the eyebrows. This treatment is mainly preferred by those with light or sparse eyebrows looking for a fuller, fresher, and more complete set. With guidance from a professional, you can choose the perfect stain to match your natural colour or opt for a whole new shade!

What is Included in Our Eyebrow Shaping Treatment?

Getting a brow wax and stain is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. While shaping your brows is relatively straightforward and involves traditional methods like waxing, tweezing, and threading, staining is a little more complex. Here’s a brief overview of how the whole process works:

  1. Consultation : First, we begin with a consultation to understand your preferences in terms of shape, thickness, texture, colour, and every other detail. We take into consideration factors like face shape, natural growth pattern, and personal style. Once we have a clear vision, we move on to the next step.
  2. Eyebrow Shaping : Then we carefully examine your eyebrows and assess their shape as well as thickness. Accordingly, we use eyebrow waxing, tweezing, or threading to remove unwanted hair and create a clean canvas. This step is crucial to achieving the desired symmetry.
  3. Choosing the stain : If you have chosen to go for an eyebrow stain as well, we will choose a semi-permanent dye that matches your natural brow colour or mix a new shade that suits you. The goal is to enhance the brow area by darkening the finer hairs around it. This increases width, creates a longer brow tail or stronger front, and gives an authentic appearance to your eyebrows. Our stain hybrid brow dye is long-lasting and skin-friendly, with natural ingredients like henna, rose water, and aloe vera to nourish the hair.
  4. Applying the Stain : We carefully cover your brows with the stain gently and give it a few minutes to develop. During this time, you can relax and enjoy the soothing ambience of our studio.
  5. Removing the Stain : Once the stain has fully developed, we gently remove it, revealing beautifully stained eyebrows that appear fuller and more defined. If required, we make any final adjustments to ensure a symmetrical shape, perfect texture, and the right colour. We use Stain Hybrid Brow Dye from Brow Code, known for its long-lasting effect of up to 6 weeks!
  6. Performing Aftercare : Throughout the treatment, we offer professional guidance to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Our technician will share unique tips and insights for aftercare to help maintain your eyebrow shape or stain between appointments. The whole process, including shaping, colour selection, brow waxing and staining, can take up to 45 minutes.

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Are you wondering whether this is the right eyebrow treatment for you? If you wish to enhance eyebrow shape and colour, brow shaping and staining is the perfect solution. It is less permanent compared to microblading and its effects last for 4 to 6 weeks.

Talk to the experts at La Brow Melbourne and explore our wide range of temporary semi-permanent and permanent beauty solutions. We can help you look and feel beautiful in your style. You can call us on 0408 885 227 or email us at to book a consultation!

Combo Brows

Discover the perfect harmony of brows with combo brows at La Brow Melbourne. Our skilled artists specialise in this innovative technique that combines the natural-looking hair strokes of microblading with the soft shading of powder brows. The result is beautifully defined and softly filled eyebrows that truly stand out. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a bolder statement, our experts will customise the shape and shade to suit your unique features and desired style. Schedule a consultation today with La Brow Melbourne for flawlessly crafted combo brows.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos

  • Add texture and shape to brows
  • Look realistic
  • Stay in place, even after sleep
  • Resist water and sweat
  • Help hair loss conditions 
  • Benefit everyone
While many tattoos are a form of personal expression, eyebrow tattoos fall under cosmetic tattoos; they’re beneficial for those simply looking to boost their brow appearance, as well as those suffering from hair loss.
empowering other woman by encouraging their confidence with permanent makeup. Tracie is motivated to go above and beyond for every individual client to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Tracie is a true artist having perfected the art of the arch, shape and natural enhancement to bring you the best results